Fara á efnissvæði


Waste sorting

Information about waste sorting for operators and staff



Waste sorting at Keflavík airport

General wase

All non-recyclable waste, e.g. disposable gloves, duckt tape, pens, sanitary pads and diapers. Put general waste in press container marked General waste.

Instructional video for General waste

Corrugated cardboard

All clean and dry cardboard. Put all cardboard in press container marked Cardboard.

Instructional video for Corrugated cardboard

Packaging plastic

Wrap of pallet loads and clean clear plastic bags. Put these plastic in the plastic cylinder.

Instructional video for Packaging plastic

Light bulbs

All unbroken lightbulbs. Put in black bin marked Light bulbs.

Instructional video for Light bulbs


All hard plastics, food containers, trays and plastic buckets. Put in green bins marked Endurvinnsluefni.

Instructional video for plastic

All foodwaste. Put foodwaste directly into the bin or in a corn starch bag.

Instructional video for Organic waste

Scrap metal

All metals e.g. coffee kegs, cans and steel and metallic cutlery. Put in black bin marked Metals.

Glass and porcelain

All broken glass and porcelain. Put in a black bin marked Glass and porcelain.

Instructional video for Glass and porcelain

Small electronics

All electronics that fit into the electronic bin, keyboard, computers, coffee makers, phones e.t.c. Operators take bigger electronics themselves to Kalka.

Instructional video for Small electronics


All batteries. Put directly into the battery bin.

Hazardous waste

All bottles and cans with hazard signs on. Also used cooking oil.

Instrucional video for Hazardous waste

Bottles and cans

All drinking bottles and cans and unbroken glass bottles. Put bottles and cans in a bag into specially marked bin in the waste storage.